11 Injured in Maine Bridge Collapse

Maine’s Open Lighthouse Day is an annual occasion supported by the U.S. Coast Guard, dedicated to commemorating, enlightening, and showcasing the marvel of Maine’s coastal lighthouses. Among these historic landmarks is the Doubling Point Lighthouse, a functional beacon that has stood proudly at its current spot since 1899. While numerous Maine lighthouses are situated in places only reachable by watercraft, such as boats or kayaks, a few, like the Doubling Point Lighthouse, are conveniently connected to the mainland via a walkway.

In the year 2001, the Doubling Point Lighthouse underwent a renovation that involved the installation of a fresh foundation and the construction of a new pathway extending from the lighthouse over the marshy and rugged shoreline, spanning the Kennebec River, and reaching the stable beach area. 

This financial support was generously provided by the non-profit organization known as the Friends of the Doubling Lighthouse. However, on September 9th, 2023, a portion of this 22-year-old walkway gave way while 11 individuals were present on it. Fortunately, no significant injuries occurred, and five individuals received medical evaluation for minor injuries.

The Maine Open Lighthouse event is managed jointly by the Maine Office of Tourism and the American Lighthouse Foundation, drawing approximately 18,000 visitors each year. This occasion offers a unique chance to ascend the winding staircases and gain insights into numerous of Maine’s renowned and splendid landmarks, which have endured over the years while serving as crucial guides for seafarers in the region.

In the year 1789, Congress authorized legislation to offer support for lighthouses, beacons, buoys, and public piers. Two centuries later, in 1989, Congress commemorated this act by passing a resolution that officially designated August 7th as National Lighthouse Day. This initiative aimed to coordinate efforts towards the preservation of lighthouse structures and their historical significance. Fast forward to 2023, and lighthouses have become a financial burden, prompting the U.S. government to transfer ownership to local governments or non-profit organizations.

Maine boasts a presence on a list of the United States’ top ten most renowned and stunning lighthouses to explore. While several lighthouses have undergone restoration and modernization, a significant number languish in a state of neglect, facing the challenges of deterioration.




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