Hillary Clinton Blasts American Voters

Hillary Clinton, the ex-US Secretary of State and previous Democratic presidential candidate, rebuked American voters on March 1 for their discontent regarding the prospect of a rematch of the 2020 presidential race. She asserted that they should move past their grievances. Clinton delivered her criticism in an interview with The Tonight Show, where she advised host Jimmy Fallon that American voters must come to terms with the likelihood of US President Joe Biden and former President, as well as past presidential nominee, Donald Trump emerging as the two main contenders for the 2024 presidential election.

In response to inquiries about her views on the two presidential contenders, Clinton characterized President Biden as mature, empathetic, and a competent leader who genuinely cares for the nation and demonstrates sincerity. Conversely, she portrayed Trump as merely an aged figure with a history of nearly 100 criminal charges, expressing bewilderment at how anyone could perceive this as a difficult decision.

This isn’t the initial instance of Clinton openly backing President Biden’s bid for re-election; in fact, she has persistently advocated for the former vice president to be the party’s nominee for several months. Multiple sources have disclosed that Clinton was collaborating with actor and songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda to organize a Broadway-inspired fundraiser aimed at bolstering the president’s re-election efforts.

The fundraiser in New York City will be co-hosted by the Democratic figure and the actor, offering tickets at both $500 and $5,000. Proceeds from the event are slated to benefit the Women’s Leadership Forum and the Biden Victory Fund directly, according to reports from the media outlet. The highlight of the fundraiser will be a performance from Clinton’s production “Suffs,” a Broadway musical centered on the feminist suffragette movement in the United States. Notably, the show features an all-female cast, including performers who identify as non-binary.




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