Obama Ramps Up Strategic Help to Biden Reelection

The New York Times published a report on March 26th, revealing that former President Barack Obama has been engaging in regular communication with key aides in the Biden campaign, offering strategic advice and guidance.

Reportedly, Obama, who served two terms as president, is deeply worried about the possibility of Biden losing his re-election to former President Donald Trump in November. This concern has prompted Obama to regularly communicate with key figures in Biden’s circle, such as White House chief of staff Jeffrey D. Zients, to deliberate on campaign strategies. Zients’ prior tenure in the Obama administration has fostered a strong professional relationship between him and Obama.

As per the report, Obama has consistently harbored worries about the prospect of losing to Trump. Additionally, the report notes that Obama isn’t the sole former president engaging with Biden’s team for strategic discussions; Bill Clinton has also been actively reaching out to Biden’s team. Furthermore, both Obama and Clinton are scheduled to attend a fundraiser for Biden on Thursday, March 28th, at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

On Friday, March 22nd, former President Obama paid a visit to the White House to engage in discussions regarding campaign strategy. Spending several hours there, Obama delved into ways to enhance the Biden campaign, which he has privately characterized as lacking stability.

Numerous advisors within the Biden campaign are of the opinion that Biden’s appeal among black and Latino voters is lacking. Thus, Obama intends to advocate for the support of these demographics in Biden’s re-election bid. However, it’s anticipated that Obama won’t actively campaign for Biden until the commencement of early voting in autumn. Additionally, there are discussions about Obama intending to visit college campuses to inspire younger voters, another demographic where Biden faces challenges.

Despite Obama and Biden’s well-known close bond today, their relationship didn’t always start off on such amicable terms. While Obama chose Biden as his running mate, they didn’t immediately establish a strong connection. However, over the years of collaboration and navigating through the loss of Biden’s son Beau in 2015, the two men gradually forged a friendly and trusting relationship.




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