25 Republican Governors Back Texas Over Border

Republicans who make up half of the nation’s governors issued a statement endorsing Texas Governor Greg Abbott in his battle to guard the southern border against the current surge of undocumented migrants seeking entry.

In the statement, President Biden and his administration are criticized for permitting “unprecedented” numbers of undocumented immigrants to enter the nation without facing any legal consequences. The statement goes on to say that Biden is attacking Abbott and Texas for attempting to protect Americans from the wave of deadly drugs and criminals being smuggled across our border with Mexico, instead of concentrating his efforts on upholding the law of our country and stopping the tide of migrants crossing the border.

In an effort to fortify the border, Governor Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in the early months of 2021. Abbott is attempting to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States by installing thirty miles of razor wire barricades at one of the busiest crossing locations, which is close to Eagle Pass. Recently, the Supreme Court decided that the razor wire installed by the Texas National Guard could be dismantled and removed by the federally operated US Border Patrol.

According to the Department of Justice, both law enforcement and migrants are at risk from the razor wire fencing. Abbott has not wavered, declaring that the Biden administration has “abdicated their responsibility” to defend Americans by neglecting to fortify the border, and he will keep installing more razor wire. Abbott is free to install additional wire because the Supreme Court’s ruling only authorized the removal of the ones that were already in place.

Abbott’s defense of the Biden administration rests on their failure to uphold Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, which forbids invasion. Abbott claims that in order to defend Texas, he has used its constitutional right to self-defense, which takes precedence over any federal laws that may otherwise prohibit him from attempting to fortify the border.




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