Activist Storms Field During Football Game and Immediately Regrets It

This week’s Monday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams featured added drama when a man carrying a pink smoke bomb charged onto the field at Levi’s Stadium and began sprinting around the field, interrupting play.

The protester made it across the field and turned to run along the Rams’ sideline while a plume of pink smoke trailed behind him and several security guards in yellow jackets tried—and failed—to follow him. At that point, linebacker Bobby Wagner made the decision to close the show the way he does it best.

The protester was then attacked by security before being taken off the field. Right to Rescue, an animal rights organization that is a part of Direct Action Everywhere, claimed responsibility for the protestor’s activities.

Paul Darwin Picklesimer and Wayne Hsiung, two of Direct Action Everywhere’s investigators, were charged with many charges for removing piglets from Circle Four Farms, which is run by Smithfield Foods, according to a news statement. The occurrence took place in 2017.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that five activists were charged in connection with the event. Picklesimer and Hsiung were charged with two third-degree felonies of burglary and a Class B misdemeanor count of stealing while the other three entered plea agreements.

After the humiliating takedown, Wagner told ESPN that he wasn’t making a play. That simply ensures its safety. You have no idea what that fan has or what they are up to.




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