Actor Found Dead in South Korea

Renowned South Korean actor Lee Sun-Kyun has been discovered deceased in an apparent case of suicide. The actor was previously under scrutiny for alleged drug involvement, in accordance with South Korea’s stringent regulations. Throughout the investigation, Lee Sun-Kyun maintained that he was a target of blackmail.

Lee Sun-Kyun, a 48-year-old actor, gained widespread attention in 2019 for his role in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite.” This South Korean thriller made history as the inaugural non-English language movie to secure the prestigious Best Picture award. Lee’s compelling portrayal of the scam victim Park Dong-ik significantly contributed to the film’s remarkable success.

Regrettably, he has recently garnered attention for different circumstances. Towards the end of October, information surfaced regarding an ongoing investigation into his alleged involvement in drug use, a violation that could result in a six-month imprisonment in South Korea. 

Repeat offenders may face penalties of up to 14 years. On October 24, he was officially charged, and in the subsequent two months, he underwent multiple rounds of questioning.

Lee asserted that he was deceived into consuming drugs by a hostess at a bar in Seoul, who subsequently attempted to extort him. Throughout the police inquiry, he yielded negative results for drug tests on two occasions, including analysis of a hair sample capable of detecting past drug use.

In an effort to substantiate his claim and expose the hostess’s falsehood, he sought polygraph tests. Despite the absence of any tangible evidence against him, merely an unfounded accusation led to his removal from several acting projects.

At approximately 10:30 am on December 27, Lee was discovered lifeless in his vehicle at a park in Seoul. Adjacent to him on the seat was a charcoal briquette, a method often employed for suicide in South Korea. Burning charcoal in an enclosed space generates carbon monoxide gas, offering a painless yet lethal outcome. 

Lee, who was married with two children, was reported missing by his wife after he departed from home, leaving a likely suicide note behind.




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