Adam Schiff Makes Senate Run Official

Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, officially entered the race for the open Senate seat once held by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein on December 4. Using Twitter as his platform, Schiff declared his candidacy, mentioning that he has fulfilled the required documentation and will be featured on the upcoming ballot.

By making this declaration, the California legislator is stepping into a competitive election where he will contend against Republican attorney Eric Early, as well as his fellow House Democratic representatives Katie Porter and Barbara Lee.

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives formally censured Schiff due to his assertion that former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump collaborated with the Russian government to secure victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Various accounts highlighted that he capitalized on his censure financially, amassing close to $10 million in campaign contributions.

Nevertheless, Fox News highlighted a significant challenge he is currently confronting, as he asserted Maryland as his primary residence for an extended period, despite his aspiration to represent the residents of California in the Senate.

According to CNN, Schiff obtained a $7,000 decrease in the assessment of his property by designating his California residence as his main home and availing a homeowner’s tax exemption. Yet, the Democratic leader opted not to apply a comparable exemption to the property in Maryland.

The progressive network pointed out that tax records indicated he utilized a personal check displaying his Maryland address to settle his property taxes in California back in 2017. Fox News highlighted that an examination of his prior statements, records, and recent social media posts strongly suggests that Schiff identified his Maryland residence as his primary dwelling as far back as 2003.

CNN additionally reported that the deed records for the Democratic leader’s California condominium, acquired in 2009 for almost $300,000, were officially notarized in the state commonly referred to as the Old Line State. Various reports have suggested that, apart from the crowded and fiercely competitive field of Senate candidates, the controversy surrounding his residence in Maryland may diminish his prospects of securing victory in the election.




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