ALLIANCE Confirmed – This Changes EVERYTHING!

Lobbyists work for businesses all over the United States to get lawmakers to back policies that are good for those businesses. There’s even a joke that says the real power in Washington, DC, is on K Street, not Capitol Hill. That’s because that’s where all the lobbyists’ desks are. Now, a group of big streaming services is coming together to lobby politicians as well.

A new trade group called the Streaming Innovation Alliance is working to make sure that federal and state governments are making laws that will help their services. The Alliance includes Disney, Netflix, Peacock, Paramount+, ViX, TelevisaUnivision, For Us By Us Network, Vault, and AfroLandTV.

There are some very strong people in the new group, and many of the biggest streaming services are part of it. A top adviser is Mignon Clyburn, who used to be the head of the Federal Communications Commission. The same goes for outgoing Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI).

Charles Rivkin, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) CEO, brought the parties together. The Hollywood Reporter reported he said the streamers “provid[e] great value, vast programming choices” and many options for viewers. The MPA will work with the new streaming alliance to “ensure federal and state policy propels this incredible innovation forward” and stop lawmakers from doing anything that would “undermine the value and diversity” that consumers are already enjoying.

Clyburn said that rules that make streaming slower would “turn back the clock” on the new idea.

Members of the new union said that polls showed that most Americans do not want rules in the streaming market, such as rules that would stop them from showing sensitive content. A subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce recently held a hearing about streaming. This has made some people worry that the government might try to start passing laws that hurt the business.

Some businesses, like Apple+ and Amazon Prime, did not join the partnership. It’s not clear if they plan to do that or not.




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