AOC Flips out on Elise Stefanik as Dems Lose Their Minds Over Losing Power

Democrats are outraged that they are poised to lose control of the House.

On Saturday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went after Elise Stefanik, accusing the New York Republican congressman of “supporting neo-Nazism.”

On Twitter, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed her conservative colleague. Her post featured an image of a New York Times article claiming that Ocasio-Cortez had dethroned Stefanik as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

The article also said that Stefanik was “annoyed” that Ocasio-Cortez “had not shown her the respect she felt was her due.”

“What is it with people randomly blaming the mere existence of others for their own descent into embracing neo-nazism? Like girl you did that all on your own,” AOC whined. “Unless her suggestion here is she started endorsing great replacement theory because she couldn’t treat me like the help.”

Here’s her latest mean-girl tweet attack on Stefanik.

Certain white nationalists promote the so-called great replacement theory, which claims that there is a scheme to replace white people with immigrants and other minorities. They argue that the ultimate goal is to undermine the country’s political power and Western culture in general.

Critics have accused Stefanik of repeating parts of the theory’s premises, even after the May mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. The great replacement argument was purportedly expressed by the culprit in the shooting, which took the lives of ten Black victims.

Such critics, however, did not prevent Stefanik from being re-elected as chair of the House Republican Conference last month.

Stefanik, a strong conservative, was among those in the Republican Party who questioned President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. She also questioned the official narrative concerning the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, and is an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the only member of Congress to have condemned Stefanik in recent days.

In a tweet on Friday, Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger slammed the GOP lawmaker. He inquired whether Stefanik had addressed the matter involving troubled New York Representative-elect George Santos, who is under fire for lying about several aspects of his professional and personal life.

Santos’ Twitter profile still has a banner announcing that he received Stefanik’s endorsement from Stefanik.

Ocasio-Cortez has previously condemned neo-Nazism.

She chastised Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz for his “excusal and denial of” the riot’s “Neo-Nazi presence” shortly after the Capitol attack nearly two years ago. Cruz, who has faced criticism for propagating misinformation about the 2020 presidential election, had blasted Biden for drawing parallels to the Nazi Party in the aftermath of the insurgency.




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