Armed Worker Stops Likely Mass Shooter In Tracks

The surveillance footage captured at Turnberry Towers, an apartment building in Las Vegas, depicts a man who is wearing a helmet and carrying a rifle. He is seen shooting through the glass doors and entering the building’s lobby. Shortly after, an unseen individual fires shots at the same man, effectively preventing him from causing harm.

The available reports regarding this incident are unclear and incomplete. The Las Vegas Police Department described it as an “isolated incident” but did not offer any additional information. Subsequently, the arrest report identified the individual with the rifle as Andrew Warrender, a 32-year-old who happens to be a relative of one of the residents.

The report contained details extracted from the surveillance footage. Warrender entered the building’s lobby and discharged his firearm, but encountered a malfunction when attempting to fire it again. His intended target was an employee. In a turn of events, the employee retaliated and injured Warrender. The employee then apprehended the injured Warrender at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived, potentially preventing further harm to others.

According to news sources, the identity of the worker who intervened remains unknown, but it was revealed that they worked as a security guard. Interestingly, the gun used to stop Warrender was reportedly not a requirement for the employee’s job. The employee personally chose to carry a .9mm Smith and Wesson firearm.

Another staff member potentially played a crucial role in safeguarding lives during the event. Benjamin Teal, a resident of the area, shared that a valet informed him of the perilous circumstances upon his arrival and advised him to evacuate. He followed the instructions, seeking refuge in a basement area, where he paused and heard numerous gunshots.

As of now, Warrender is in custody and is being held without bail. His court appearance is scheduled for July 18.




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