Army Doctor Being Persecuted for Giving Exemptions to Vaxx

In reaction to the doctor issuing medical waivers to the COVID-19 vaccine for select service personnel, the doctor claims the Army has taken a number of punitive actions against him.

The former director of the Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Maj. Samuel Sigoloff, has been told to stop treating patients, given menial tasks to complete, received a release for reason officer evaluation report, and faces having his medical license suspended.

The actions of the Army, according to Sigoloff’s attorney, are retaliation for the physician’s practice of medicine that deviates from the COVID-19 vaccine guidelines set forth by the Pentagon.

Sigoloff saw a number of patients who required valid medical exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine soon after Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s August 2021 decree, the Army physician told The Epoch Times.

However, a few weeks after the vaccination requirement was implemented, Sigoloff claimed that the clinic commander at the Raymond Bliss Health Center had suspended him for issuing these medical exemptions. He claimed that this licensed nurse nullified every medical exemption he had given to service personnel.

Each of these patients obtained the necessary medical examinations, according to Sigoloff, and in his opinion, it would have been riskier or detrimental to give these service members the shot than it would have been for them to be unvaccinated.

The commander of the clinic indicated in a memo dated September 16, 2021 that he had the sole authority to approve temporary medical exemptions until further notice in a copy of the memo obtained by The Epoch Times.

Sigoloff made it clear that neither the Department of Defense nor the Department of the Army share his opinions.




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