Baby Formula Being Flown Into America As Shortage Continues

Nestlé is sending infant formula into the United States by airfreight to alleviate a statewide shortage that is causing concern among parents.

Nestlé stated in a statement on Tuesday that it is bringing in certain infant formula from other countries, including Gerber Good Start Extensive HA from the Netherlands and Alfamino from Switzerland.

Nestlé said it prioritized such products since they are meant for newborns with cow’s milk protein sensitivities and serve an important medical function. Nestlé said it is now speeding supplies to America after previously importing both of these recipes.

Gerber is a tiny participant in the baby formula industry in the United States, according to Nestlé, but the company is devoted to helping parents and caregivers access the formula they need.

In addition to airfreighting some formula, Nestlé said it is running formula factories at full capacity and has hastened product availability for the most vulnerable to shops, online sellers, and hospitals.

To alleviate the issue, the Biden administration is increasing its collaboration with business.

“The White House is having ongoing conversations with the four major infant formula manufacturers Reckitt, Abbott, Nestle/Gerber, and Perrigo to work with them to identify transportation, logistical, and supplier hurdles to increasing production of formula at their US- and FDA-approved facilities, to expand the amount and speed of FDA-approved formula being shipped into the country, and ensure that formula is quickly moving to retailers from factories,” a White House official said.




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