Ballot Boxes Are Being Left With Keys In Them

Election integrity is increasingly important as 2022 election day approaches. RedState has reported instances where Pennsylvania officials rushed to count every mail-in vote they could, including those that were cast in violation of eligibility requirements. With regard to early voting, we’re already witnessing an instance of either egregious negligence or purposeful foolishness. It is, as expected, in California.

The video might not play properly outside of Twitter because Twitter is flagging the content even after Elon Musk’s purchase. But in the video, the side that voters would approach the ballot drop box from is shown to have a key dangling out of it.

It becomes clearer as the narrative progresses that librarians are now acting as voting safety and security gatekeepers.

For unknown circumstances, whoever was in charge of removing the ballots from the dropbox was able to leave while still leaving the keys in the lock and presumably with the ballots that were inside. When a responsible person spotted the keys, they got in touch with the county clerk’s office in Los Angeles. The keys were still there after an hour had passed. The resident got in touch with the Los Angeles County Clerk/Registrar-Recorder office once more. They told the resident to simply leave them in the librarian’s care.

It’s possible that whoever was collecting the ballots got sidetracked or just forgot to carry the keys with them if this was the final or the only dropbox serviced that day. Most people have forgotten their keys in a lock. Once you realize where you left them, it’s quite frustrating and embarrassing.

Events like this feed the notion that the elections are not fair. In recent years, the Democrats have made a special effort to “simplify” the voting process with initiatives like mailing ballots to every voter, the aforementioned dropboxes, and so on.  It also generates a ton of brand-new chances for cheating.

Perhaps the keys were a genuine blunder. Maybe. But there is no question that such events should make people look at the administration with even greater suspicion. It’s unfortunate that this situation has developed, but they caused it.




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