Ben Shapiro Laughs After CNN Crew Gets Robbed While Covering Crime Story

Residents of San Francisco are tired of the crime that occurs there. They have been complaining about the dirty streets and unchecked criminality for years. Voters even went so far as to recall former District Attorney Chesa Boudin (D) in 2022 because she didn’t take the issue seriously enough. Recently, the crime was witnessed by a CNN crew, and Ben Shapiro found it to be amusing.

Kyung Lah, a senior national correspondent for CNN, visited the city on March 17 to report on the city’s escalating street crime and how the public is outraged over it. She tweeted that their rental car was smashed into when she and senior producer Jason Kravarik were at City Hall. 

Lah explained in later tweets that they had security officers with them who attempted to apprehend the robbers but were unsuccessful. Even though the city is “beautiful,” she advised her followers that tourists should be aware that hiring security “is not enough.”

Lah continued by stating that it was “ironic” that the theft happened when they were reporting on the widespread street crime. Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, concurred.

Shapiro, like Lah, claimed it was ironic that the reporters were robbed when they were in the liberal city on his podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show,” on March 21.

Shapiro used it as an opportunity to criticize the news organization for being lax about criminal activity, yet one of its reporters was later robbed. He went on to claim that many liberal cities are misallocating resources, which isn’t improving people’s lives, and that San Francisco is an example of what occurs when law enforcement isn’t focused to arresting criminals but instead, they try to get people who “will make the DA more famous.”




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