Biden Accidentally Drops Then Awkwardly Picks Up Challenge Coin

During a conversation with a senior military officer on Monday, the president unintentionally dropped a challenge coin, which he then had to chase after as it rolled away.

After a bungled handoff with US Air Force Col. Ethan P. Hinkins, whom Biden welcomed before meeting with a group of Minnesota politicians at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the oldest-ever president was forced to stoop down to pick up the coin.

During his term in office, Biden distributed various presidential coins, including ones to Pope Francis and the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

During a trip to the Vatican in October 2021, the president told the pope, “I know my son would want me to give this to you, because on the back of it I have the state of Delaware and the 261st [Army] unit my son served with.”

Before passing away from brain cancer in 2015, Beau Biden, the president’s firstborn child, served in the Delaware Army National Guard and as the attorney general of the First State.

Zelensky also received a challenge coin from the president during a visit to the US in December in exchange for a medal from a Ukrainian military officer.

Athletes like NBA star Stephen Curry and internationally renowned figures like the Korean music supergroup BTS have also received coins from Biden.

On Monday, Biden presented Chief Master Sergeant Kristen M. Maloney of the Air Force with a second challenge coin without any problems.

Prior to President Biden’s speech praising his economic strategy at a plant in the suburb of Fridley, Air Force One touched down in the Twin Cities.

When asked if he was worried about possible unrest ahead of former President Donald Trump’s Tuesday arraignment in New York City, Biden sidestepped the topic.

The president responded, “I have faith in the New York Police Department,” when asked the same question later that day.




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