Biden Administration Erases $1.2B Student Debt

Last Wednesday, February 21, the Biden administration gave the green light to erase an additional $1.2 billion in federal student loan debt. This recent move pushes the total forgiven debt under President Biden to nearly $138 billion, surpassing the amounts forgiven by any previous president in history.

The most recent installment of aid focuses on individuals enrolled in the administration’s Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) initiative, particularly those who borrowed $12,000 or less and have maintained timely payments for at least a decade. Nevertheless, borrowers with initial debts ranging from $12,000 to $20,000 can still meet the criteria for complete forgiveness by continuing to make regular payments for additional years.

According to a statement from the White House, this move underscores the dedication of the Biden-Harris administration to enhancing the affordability and accessibility of higher education, particularly for community college attendees and individuals with modest loan amounts. The press release also emphasized that this initiative not only provides immediate financial relief to borrowers but also accelerates the process of debt repayment for many.

The administration views the accelerated rollout of the forgiveness provision within the SAVE program, originally scheduled for July, as a testament to its commitment to reforming student loans. Additionally, they indicated that the program aims to guarantee that 85% of prospective community college graduates emerge from their studies without debt within the span of ten years.

Yet, Republicans swiftly voiced their disapproval of the announcement, contending that expansive forgiveness initiatives like these unjustly burden taxpayers and fuel the escalation of higher education expenses. They highlight the administration’s bypassing of Congressional approval as yet another instance of executive overreach.

Conversely, the administration asserts that its incremental strategy, compelled by the recent Supreme Court blockade of a more sweeping forgiveness plan, is crucial for addressing the flawed student loan system and preserving education as a means to attain financial stability.

The recent cancellation of $1.2 billion in debt comes after a substantial relief initiative in January, where the administration approved over $5 billion for 74,000 borrowers. This persistent emphasis on student loan forgiveness has encouraged certain borrowers, as indicated by a survey conducted by, revealing that millions are presently refraining from making payments in anticipation of additional federal measures.




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