Biden Believes Wildly Unpopular VP Harris Deserves More Attention

President Joe Biden swiftly came to the aid of his vice president, who has been facing difficulties, during his initial interview following the formal declaration of his intention to run for a second term as President. It is worth noting that this is the very vice president who previously downplayed apprehensions within the Democratic Party about her suitability for the 2024 presidential candidacy as mere political gossip.

During his appearance on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” with host Stephanie Ruhle on Friday, President Biden was questioned about the prominent role of Vice President Kamala Harris in his reelection announcement. Ruhle pointed out that Biden had showcased his vice president on ten separate occasions during the presentation. In contrast, when former President Barack Obama announced his own candidacy for a second term, Biden was entirely overlooked. Ruhle asked the President “what are you trying to tell us?”

Acknowledging the contrasting approaches between himself and his previous employer, President Biden proceeded to strongly refute the criticisms aimed at Vice President Harris.

The President diligently listed Vice President Harris’ qualifications and emphasized the importance of granting her greater respect. However, Ruhle countered by raising the evident point that Biden might be emphasizing Harris’s role on the ticket due to the widespread belief that he may not complete his full second term if elected. When Ruhle questioned why someone would vote for an 82-year-old president, Biden’s response was revealing.

The Democratic leader highlighted his experience and asserted that he possesses more knowledge than the majority of individuals. Almost immediately after, Biden criticized the media for their emphasis on negative narratives regarding his administration.

“Everything is negative, the only way you’re gonna get a hit is if there’s something negative, you know. You don’t — anyway, that’s number one.”

It seems that both President Biden and Vice President Harris have blurred the boundaries between themselves. Recently, Harris praised herself through a tweet, highlighting a meeting with “our Investing in America cabinet” and applauding the historic accomplishments of “our” administration. This strategy possibly aims to portray them as co-presidents deserving equal recognition for shaping the nation. However, considering the lack of popularity surrounding both leaders and the current state of the country, it is challenging to perceive this as an effective campaign slogan.




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