Biden Family Hit With Subpoenas

In September, Speaker Kevin McCarthy of the House, a Republican from California, consented to initiate an informal investigation into President Joe Biden. The Republican leader will need to present this inquiry for a vote in the entire House to make it official. Nevertheless, members of the lower chamber conducted their inaugural hearing on this issue towards the close of the month. Additional requests for documents pertaining to the Biden family have also been issued.

On September 28, the House Oversight Committee conducted the inaugural hearing for the inquiry. Representative James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, informed the public that they possess a substantial volume of evidence demonstrating the president’s misuse of his public position for the financial benefit of his family. There exist numerous particular accusations against the president. As per reports from Breitbart News, House Republicans unveiled supporting evidence, encompassing images, text messages, video recordings, bank documents, and statements from whistleblowers.

Part of these allegations pertains to President Biden’s actions during his tenure as vice president, where it is claimed that he leveraged his position to assist his son, Hunter Biden, and his brother, James Biden. For instance, there are instances where the president, who was then vice president, took calls from his son regarding his business affairs. 

Additionally, accusations have been made regarding his involvement in dinners related to these matters. Furthermore, the GOP has highlighted a video in which President Biden boasts about his role in the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was planning to investigate Burisma, a company where Hunter Biden held a board position.

Legislators have also directed their attention toward claims that President Biden intervened in a Department of Justice inquiry involving his son Hunter. Hunter Biden is facing several federal charges. While the president possesses the authority to grant him a pardon, the White House has stated that he does not intend to take that course of action.

Following the initial hearing, Representative Comer revealed his intention to request further records from James and Hunter Biden. Republicans have openly acknowledged that they currently lack concrete evidence linking the president to any criminal activities. Nonetheless, they maintain that the impeachment inquiry is a means to enhance their authority for conducting investigations.

Lawmakers anticipate that the weight of an impeachment inquiry will strengthen their position when seeking subpoenas for both testimony and records. Representative Comer explained that these record requests are aimed at enabling the panel to trace financial transactions and gather evidence for the purpose of accountability.

As per reports, the upcoming witness slated to testify before the panel is purportedly Tony Bobulinski, who is Hunter’s former business associate. While the hearing’s exact schedule has not been confirmed, Comer is reportedly in the process of finalizing an agreement with Bobulinski. Should he agree to testify, Bobulinski would serve as their initial fact witness. The next hearing is potentially scheduled for either the end of October or November.




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