Biden Finally Announced Large Scale Operation at the Southern Border

The newest border security measure, released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is intended to restrict the flow of immigrants from Venezuela.

The Biden administration will work with Mexico to implement a number of measures under the new border program to address the growing illegal immigration along the southern border.

According to reports, the Biden administration wants to put more resources into border regions to combat people smuggling and send Venezuelan immigrants back to Mexico.

Important details about the existence of cartels in the border regions will also be shared between Mexico and the United States. On both sides of the border, details regarding the activities of transnational criminals will also be exchanged.

Criminal gangs frequently utilize stash homes close to border regions as a base from which to smuggle undocumented immigrants from Mexico to the United States. As a result, Mexico and the US are working together to dismantle such gangs.

Up until they submit an application for a recently formed parole mechanism, the Biden administration would promptly send illegal immigrants from Venezuela back to Mexico.

The new parole system, which would only accept 24,000 immigrants, is intended particularly for illegal immigrants from Venezuela.

The United States’ parole system will only be open to Venezuelans who have financial backers.

Similar to this, all Venezuelans seeking entry into America must pass biometric and other screening exams as well as receive a coronavirus vaccination. For Ukrainian immigrants, a similar program was introduced earlier this year.

Despite the existence of Title 42 regulations, which were put in place to allow law enforcement to deport immigrants in accordance with health protocols, the United States had previously been unable to send Venezuela’s illegal immigrants back.

The issues for America were made worse by the absence of diplomatic ties between the US and Venezuela and by Mexico’s persistent unwillingness to take in the influx of Venezuelan immigrants.

Many Venezuelans entered the United States illegally as a result of the United States’ inability to turn back Venezuelan migrants. Only in August, about 25,000 illegal Venezuelan immigrants arrived in America, compared to only 6,000 in August of the previous year.

The US and Mexico’s most recent joint strategy was announced at a time when the American border crisis was reaching previously unheard-of proportions.

The current government resisted acknowledging the border crisis for a long time, but the most recent move implies Democrats have now done so.

These most recent measures, according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, are done to guarantee that immigrants only enter America legally.




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