Biden Insider Sentenced To Prison For Over A Decade

After confessing to illegal donations to Democratic politicians, a large donor to Hillary Clinton has been sentenced for twelve years.

Imaad Zuberi helped fund Biden’s campaign in 2020 and Hillary Clinton in 2016. The court released many photos uncovered during the trial, including a picture of Zuberi rubbing elbows with then-Vice President Joe Biden. It did not include the “For Sale” sign on Biden’s back.

Zuberi contributed an identical amount to Obama/Biden 2012, in addition to a six-figure donation for Hillary in 2016.

Biden’s spokesperson said that he was unaware of Zuberi using illegal methods to raise funds for his campaign, and when they met. This is most likely true.

It would be a crime to tell someone that your campaign contributions were illegal. They haven’t yet committed to returning the contaminated money.

Zuberi, an American Pakistani citizen, pleaded guilty tax evasion and campaign finance violations. Zuberi also lobbied US officials while he was a foreign agent.

There is evidence that Zuberi was able to sell access to top Democratic politicians while he was making donations. Zuberi was awarded millions of dollars in return for his contributions through a straw donor program.

He was fined two million dollars and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $16 million.

The AP reported that Zuberi has been cooperating with the feds, but some of his cooperation is still under seal




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