Biden Makes MAJOR Move to Help Migrants Become US Citizens

The Biden Administration announced improvements to the citizenship test that would make it simpler for immigrants who are currently living outside the nation to apply for legal residency.

The US Citizen and Immigration Services announced the modifications on Wednesday, claiming they will simplify the civics element of the test and make the English-speaking portion easier.

For hundreds of thousands of immigrants, success on the citizenship exam can make or break their chances of becoming citizens.

The civics section will be changed from the old fill-in-the-blank test where candidates had to answer a question from memory to a multiple-choice style with four alternatives for each question.

In 2023, a five-month trial period with around 1,500 participants will begin the new test’s pilot phase.

This is the Biden administration’s most recent attempt to lower obstacles to admitting illegal immigrants to the nation. He restrained any actions taken by the former president Trump while he was in office.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order directing federal organizations to identify and remove obstacles that prevent access to immigration benefits just 12 days after becoming president.

Trump announced a new syllabus for the citizenship test in November 2020, raising the pass requirement from 10 to 12 out of 20 questions.

At the time, officials asserted that the test would provide the candidate additional chances to study for the test while learning about the United States.

Nevertheless, just a few months after Trump left office, the Biden Administration cancelled his version of the test.




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