Biden Puts White House Staff In Danger

Professional dog trainers are urging the Biden administration to seek assistance for Commander, the family’s German Shepherd puppy who has bitten at least seven people in the past four months.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” dog trainer Tom Davis speculated that the White House was “very chaotic” and lacked structure for the canine residents. He noted that few canines in the United States, especially among government officials, would be able to survive after biting someone three or four times.

Davis stated that in order for Biden’s dog to cease, greater structure, boundaries, accountability, and punitive procedures were needed.

On “The Ingraham Angle,” canine trainer Brian Kilcommons said the dog should have been muzzled the moment he began biting. It is a tricky situation, he continued, because canines can interpret human body language and most Secret Service agents are not truly cool under pressure. This is probably why he is reacting the way he is to these folks as well.

Major Biden, the president’s dog in 2021, also bit members of the Secret Service for eight days straight. According to Kilcommons, it is obvious that you need expert advice before you can tell if that dog can acclimatize to life in the White House. proceeded to make the case that a Baskerville muzzle, which permits the dog to drink and eat while preventing it from biting, is still required.




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