Biden Repeats Exaggerated Fire Story At White House Event

Despite the fact that a local fire official reported at the time that the blaze was swiftly put out, President Biden claimed on Tuesday that Delaware firemen almost lost their lives when tackling a tiny fire in his kitchen in 2004.

In his virtual remarks at a conference on fire prevention, Biden, who frequently draws attention for making dubious biographical claims, made the remark while praising the courage of firemen.

“I was doing ‘Meet the Press’ and lightning struck a little pond behind my house, came up through the ground into the air conditioning system and ended up generating thick black smoke. And from the basement to the third floor, the attic, everything was ruined. And the kitchen floor — we almost lost a couple firefighters, they tell me, because the kitchen floor was — the burning between the beams and in the house in addition to, it almost collapsed into the basement,” Regarding the fire at his Wilmington, Delaware, residence, Biden commented

Just last week, Biden faced flak for providing Hurricane Ian victims in Florida with a more condensed version of the narrative while asserting that “we know the feeling” of substantial property damage.

Cranston Heights, Delaware, Incident Company Chief George Lamborn said, “Fortunately, we got it pretty early,” at the time of the fire at Biden’s residence. In 20 minutes, the fire was under control.

Lamborn or a member of the Cranston Heights Fire Company were unavailable for comment on Biden’s most recent statement when The Post attempted to reach them.

The attention on Biden’s wellness increased last month when he looked for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) at an event despite openly mourning her death eight weeks earlier. Biden, who turns 80 next month, is the oldest-ever American president and opponents frequently question his mental acuity.

But Biden has a long history of giving erroneous biographical information, and he frequently does it in an effort to establish a personal connection with his audiences.




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