Biden Team in Complete Confusion as Parents Panic Over Childrens’ Pain Med Shortage

During the Joe Biden presidency, it’s a difficult time to be a small child.

We’ve seen all kinds of supply shortages and crises, but it’s always worse when it affects our children. There was a diaper shortage first, followed by a baby formula shortage that is still ongoing. When it comes to children’s pain medication, stores are running out and shelves are empty. Parents are becoming concerned about the national shortage and are having difficulty finding anything.

This, of course, is causing a further run on medications because parents are afraid that they won’t be able to find anything when they need it, so stores are restricting the amount that anyone can buy. This, in turn, feeds the panic.

As this pharmacist explains, it includes antibiotics and diabetic medication in addition to children’s medications.

This has been going on for a while now, with Joe Biden remaining silent.

Dr. Ashish Jha claimed in November that “supply chain issues” had been going on for “decades.”

It’s strange, though, how suddenly we’re feeling this problem under Biden, despite the fact that it’s been going on for “decades.”

Biden’s team needs to coordinate their messaging because White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is downplaying supply chain issues, acting as if they were made up, and accusing the media of “inventing” panics. That doesn’t guarantee that they know what they’re doing to solve any problems.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to say whether Joe Biden had been briefed on the matter, claiming that “strong supply chains for these products” existed.

I’m completely perplexed. So, which one is it? Strong supply chains, no supply chain panic, supply chain problems for decades? We appear to have received three different responses. But that’s the problem with the Biden administration: you can’t believe anything they say.

Dr. Marc Siegel of Fox pointed out one major issue that, if true, deserves a lot of attention.

When the huge outbreak of influenza hit this fall, the anti-flu drug Tamiflu was released from the national stockpile, but where was the Tylenol? By some estimates, over 90% of our imported ibuprofen and over 70% of our imported acetaminophen come from China, as well as a large chunk of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for the drugs that are made here.

Clearly, we need to manufacture our staple medicines here and not rely on other countries, especially one like China, which has been completely unreliable in terms of the supply chain. It also has experienced its own panicked hoarding of these same products following the imposed lockdowns which interfered with manufacturing.

So, no, Joe Biden, that doesn’t mean buying more from China, as you did with the COVID tests, and handing over a large sum of our money to them. That means we need to decouple more from China and produce our own supplies that are not influenced by outside forces. Of course, he doesn’t understand this with oil and gas, so why should he understand it with medications?

Meanwhile, Biden remains silent on the matter, enjoying himself in St. Croix, playing golf and losing his ball in the woods. That pretty much sums it up.




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