Biden To Debate Trump?

President Biden responded to a request for a “immediate” debate made by former President Trump on a recent Monday. In an interview with Dan Bongino for his radio program, Trump had extended this invitation and said that the country would benefit from a debate of this kind.

Trump stated that he would be very interested in facing Biden in a debate soon, as he felt it would be beneficial for the country. For the sake of the nation, he said, “we should have a debate now.”

Later that day, Biden was asked about Trump’s proposal while out campaigning in Nevada. With a playful dig in return, Biden said, “Right away? I suppose I would want to debate myself if I were him. He doesn’t appear to be dealing with many other issues.

The future of debates in the general election is still up in the air, with Trump winning the Republican primary right now. Since 2022, the Republican National Committee has disassociated itself from the Commission on Presidential Debates, citing the commission’s bias and perceived corruption.

Even with the commission’s structure, Trump stated that he would be open to taking part in many discussions despite his criticisms. “They’re completely biased, but I’d still engage in 20 debates if they set them up. Regarding Biden, Trump remarked, “I’m ready to debate every night, although I doubt he’d agree to it.”

In contrast to his previous position, in which he refused to take part in primary debates against his Republican competitors, Trump is now willing to engage in debate. In his absence, Trump’s primary rival Nikki Haley has participated in multiple debates.

Trump’s campaign argues that he doesn’t need to interact with opponents who are far behind because of his commanding lead in the polls, which serves as justification for his absence from the primary debates.

Three debates have been scheduled by the Commission on Presidential Debates for the general election; however, neither Biden nor Trump have confirmed their attendance. According to NBC, these debates are slated to take place at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on October 9, Texas State University in San Marcos on September 16, and Virginia State University in Petersburg on October 1.




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