Biden Warns of White Supremacist “Terrorist Threat”

President Joe Biden delivered a speech at Howard University in Washington, DC, on May 13th, targeting a recent cohort of college graduates. In his address, he expressed concern about the enduring presence of racism, specifically highlighting attempts by the opposition to erase black history. He made indirect references to malevolent influences and asserted that white supremacists constituted the nation’s most significant terrorist menace.

President Biden, donning academic regalia, used the graduation ceremony of 2023 as a platform to address racial issues, sparking controversy. He asserted that his outspokenness on matters of race and equality was not influenced by the fact that he was speaking at a historically Black college or university (HBCU). Quoting from a Mediaite excerpt, the president acknowledged that racism has long been a divisive force in the United States, drawing from personal experiences that taught him the enduring nature of hatred. He pledged to champion the finest aspects of our society and stand up for them.

The speech briefly touched upon veiled allusions that indirectly criticized the previous administration, subtly casting doubt on their attempts to undermine our electoral process. The New York Times reported that the president commented on the clash in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, where neo-Nazis and counterprotesters clashed, and then-President Donald Trump infamously stated, “There are very fine people on both sides.” Biden denounced individuals who demonize and foster division among people, suggesting that certain actors may exploit such division and dishonesty for personal gain and power. He pledged to prioritize truth over falsehood and stand up against deceit.

Biden faced criticism from Fox News for his recent remarks. Chad Robichaux, a guest on “Fox Friends First,” highlighted the pressing concerns of immigration and border control as the primary actual threats to the country. Robichaux emphasized the significant increase in drug and human trafficking since the current president assumed office, which has had a devastating impact on the United States.

In 2021, Biden initiated measures to address domestic terrorism, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding civil rights and civil liberties as a matter of national security.




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