California Judge Arrested for Shooting Wife

A judge from the Southern California Superior Court is in police custody following accusations of fatally shooting his spouse. Before the incident occurred, the alleged perpetrator had consumed alcohol. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to the head. Currently, the judge has been released on a bail of $1 million. However, there are apprehensions among prosecutors due to the fact that law enforcement was unable to locate all of his firearms that were legally registered.

Jeffrey Ferguson, aged 72, is confronting felony allegations for the enhancement of using a firearm for personal reasons, intensifying the firing of a weapon leading to significant bodily harm, and the act of murder. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s official statement mentions that Ferguson’s grown-up son contacted 911 around 8 p.m. on Thursday, August 3, to inform them about the shooting. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered the lifeless body of 65-year-old Sheryl Ferguson at the location. As noted by ABC 7, the accused displayed astonishment and regret when interacting with the officers who responded to the incident.

Law enforcement carried out a search warrant which resulted in the retrieval of 47 firearms from the residence, in addition to more than 26,000 rounds of ammunition. However, they were unable to locate a .22 rifle that had been registered under Ferguson’s name. Another rifle had also seemingly not been located initially, but the defense attorney later surrendered it once it was found. It is said that Ferguson employed a Glock .40 for the purpose of shooting his wife.

Following the incident, Ferguson sent text messages to his bailiff and court clerk, admitting to the crime. In the messages, he expressed regret for not being able to attend work the following day due to his anticipated police detention.

The prosecution sought a swift arraignment in order to impose additional conditions on Ferguson’s release, citing significant concerns for public safety. They specifically asked the court to enforce restrictions on the judge’s movements, including surrendering his passport and wearing an ankle monitor. Furthermore, they requested that the suspect be prohibited from possessing firearms or consuming alcohol. Prosecutors also made a plea for him not to make contact with his son, who was present at the residence during the time of the murder.

In the event of being found guilty on all counts, Ferguson could potentially receive a prison sentence ranging from 40 years to life.




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