Capitol Police Toss Pelosis Arrest Order In The Trash


Yesterday Capitol Hill was in chaos over Nancy Pelosi’s recent demands.

Pelosi’s flip-flopping was reminiscent of the CDC. She required that all vaccinated House staff, visitors, and staff wear masks.

She called on the police for arrests of anyone refusing to comply.

It seems that this is the line of demarcation for many Republicans. They fought back, and they did so hard.

Rep. Massie stated blatantly that neither he nor his staff would follow her latest seemingly unscientific rule.

The Capitol Police changed their mind quickly after the uproar. They won’t arrest anyone who doesn’t wear a mask. They will just kick them out.

It’s a victory, but not great. It wasn’t that cops would arrest anyone, but that Pelosi believed she could order something similar to a dictator.

Americans are not happy with the CDC’s apparent baseless reason for changing mask rules. Many people are questioning the science of the government’s decision to change their mask rules.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are enjoying success with their rebellion. Maybe Americans should do the same?

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans responded after Pelosi directed police to arrest anyone who was not wearing a mask.
  • Some representatives openly defied the order, saying their offices will not comply.
  • Capitol Police had to reverse their policy and resign.