Chaos Breaks Out During Conservative Speaker’s Speech

On March 14, protesters caused chaos at a speaking event hosted by the University of California (UC), Davis. Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA (TP USA), was a guest of the school’s chapter in the organization, scheduled to speak on conservative topics. Liberal protesters retaliated violently.

Kirk became the target of the Left’s wrath after a Sacramento Bee editorial assistant, Hannah Holzer, published an opinion piece in which she used hateful and violent words to describe the conservative. According to Breitbart, the TP USA speaker addressed the issue of transgender people using locker rooms that did not correspond to their biological sexes. He had stated that authorities needed to handle the situation “the way we used to handle things in the 1950s and 1960s.” Holzer jumped to the conclusion that Kirk believed transgender people “ought to be lynched.” She also used the error to justify her refusal to allow the speaker to attend the UC Davis event.

Kirk forced the Sacramento Bee to retract the statement after threatening to sue the publication for libel and defamation, but the damage had already been done. During the protests, some protesters smashed windows in an attempt to get to the venue. Others used pepper spray and threw eggs to prevent attendees from entering the venue. Two people were arrested for defacing a wall with graffiti. According to OAN, approximately 100 demonstrators attended the event, injuring one officer in the conflict.

TP USA is a non-profit organization seeking to fight “discriminat[ion] against conservative students and advanc[ing] leftist propaganda in the classroom,” according to the American Association of University Professors. According to supporters, the organization, which has “over 300 chapters on college campuses across the country,” educates students about “freedom, free markets, and limited government.” Opponents claim that members unfairly target college professors, trolling and harassing them on social media for sharing liberal posts and scholarly publications.




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