Chicago Mayor Gives Herself A Raise Even With Crime Skyrocketing

During 50 people were shot over the previous weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D-Chicago) city, 11 of them died.

Since she has done such a wonderful job keeping citizens safe, Lightfoot has presented a proposal to reward herself with a raise.

According to the proposed ordinance, Lightfoot would receive an annual raise that was limited to 5% of inflation.

Her yearly pay is currently $209,915, but the ordinance states that it will increase to $216,210 starting in May 2023.

Additionally, this is not a one-time event; each year that Lightfoot serves in office, her pay will increase by 5%.

When the raise turns too political, she can always choose not to accept it.

In the liberal city, crime has increased 37% since 2021, while vehicle thefts have increased 74% within the same period.

Lightfoot repeatedly chooses to disregard the major problems caused by violence and gang activity in Chicago.

Lightfoot has frequently praised the “progress” the city is supposedly making in reducing crime, although every weekend reports of fatal shootings occur.

The liberal mayor highlighted the large corporations relocating to Chicago but omitted to mention those leaving the lawless metropolis.

Recently, Tyson Foods revealed that they were leaving Chicago and moving to the more secure state of Arkansas.

Chris Kempczinski, the CEO of McD’s, also criticized Lightfoot for how she handled the crime.




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