Chicago Prisoners Forced to Vote in Upcoming Mayoral Election (VIDEO)

Inmates in Chicago have said that they are being coerced into casting illegitimate ballots in the city’s mayoral race.

The convicts complained that guards at Cook County Jail were pressuring them to cast ballots even though some of them were registered in a different county. Some of the inmates are accused of murder.

When questioned about the action, they responded that the guards were simply carrying out orders from above and that they were “just doing what I’m told.”

Insiders stated the jail was the ‘perfect environment’ because there were no cameras or election observers, which has raised concerns about ballot harvesting.

It also sparked worries that, despite Lori Lightfoot’s dismal poll numbers of barely 13%, they could help her win the election again.

One prisoner, who requested anonymity, claimed that the guards appeared unconcerned about the possibility that they were breaking the law.

A prisoner facing murder charges claims that none of the 48 prisoners in his Division 11 were questioned about their eligibility or registration to vote, despite the fact that 21 of them had already cast ballots.

‘They just say who wants to vote? Line up to vote,’ he stated.

The Chicago County Prison, according to an unnamed person who is familiar with it, is the ideal location for ballot harvesting.

The Cook County Sheriff is in charge of 7,480 prisoners, 72.3 percent of whom are black, 19 percent Latino, and 7.8 percent white.

Offenses committed by inmates range from murder and carjacking to child sex abuse and armed robbery.

As violent crime continues to soar under Lightfoot, Chicago voters believe it is their top worry in the mayoral election.




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