Chief Of Staff Resigns Without Warning

Katie Hobbs, the governor of Arizona, has lost her chief of staff. After “four and a half” years of working with the Governor, the chief of staff decided to retire after only five months on the job.

Allie Bones, chief of staff to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, resigned “effective immediately” on Thursday, May 25, according to a statement released by Ducey’s office. According to reports, Bones is Hobbs’ “fourth” top advisor to leave the government. After “decades” of friendship, Governor Hobbs is said to be close with Bones.

According to her resignation letter, Bones departed the administration in order to “pursue new opportunities.” Following the departures of Hobb’s Communications Director, Deputy Communications Director, and Legislative Affairs Director, Bones decided to leave as well.

Despite the governor’s claims that she “wished the best” for Bones, political analysts continue to express doubts about her decision to resign. On May 25, the Kari Lake War Room Twitter page claimed that there was “more to the departure” than meets the eyes and that the Bones’ resignation had signaled that the “real” governor was leaving the administration.

Kari Lake War Room believes the resignations occurred because the Hobbs administration is a “sinking ship.” Former President Trump supported Republican Kari Lake for governor of Arizona. The Hobbs administration is criticized in the war room report since Hobbs was Lake’s opponent in 2022 and was ultimately elected.

Reactions to Kari Lake’s political skepticism on Twitter were divided. One Arizonan accused the page of spreading disinformation about the administration and claimed that Kari Lake herself had been fired from Fox News Channel 10 Phoenix for disseminating false narratives. Then, the political chitchat began. The discussion stemmed from an event in 2021 where Kari Lake, a long-time anchor of Fox News 10, had been absent from the network. Lake insisted that she had not been suspended or otherwise disciplined for her absence. Lake, who had been involved in various controversies up to that point, resigned from Fox News 10 in March 2021 after serving with the network for 22 years.




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