China Boasts Of Spying On Joint US Naval Exercise

According to the Global Times, a Chinese government-controlled newspaper, it was disclosed on June 11 that a Chinese plane conducted surveillance on a combined naval training session involving the United States and several international allies. The aircraft collected significant intelligence regarding the participating vessels, which encompassed the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz aircraft carriers. Alongside the US, the other nations targeted for spying by the Chinese government were Canada, Japan, and France.

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) employed an advanced surveillance aircraft, specifically the Shaanxi Y-9, which is a military transport plane known to be utilized by Chinese intelligence agencies for reconnaissance missions. The article proudly highlighted that the PLA engaged in assertive intrusions into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone. 

These actions, coupled with the espionage conducted against the United States and its allied nations during the joint naval exercise, shared a common objective. According to the Global Times, their purpose was to convey a message of intimidation to Western powers, cautioning them against intervening if China were to initiate a military attack on Taiwan.

The report highlighted that the South China Sea Strategic Situation Proving Initiative, a think tank, monitored the joint exercises conducted by the United States and its partner nations. Emphasizing the significant strategic importance of the sea region located in eastern Taiwan, it indicated that this area could serve as a crucial asset for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to encircle Taiwan and prevent foreign allies from providing military support.

This act of espionage targeting Washington and its Western allies is viewed by many analysts as a recent development in what is increasingly being referred to as the new Cold War. In recent years, China has exhibited signs of expansionist ambitions, as demonstrated by its annexation of Hong Kong. However, Taiwan remains the primary objective, with experts warning that a potential invasion by Beijing could lead to a geopolitical crisis.




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