China Poses Increasing Threat – US General Issues Warning

The supremacy of the American military in space is at jeopardy due to China’s military capabilities developing quickly, according to the commander of the US military’s space wing.

The US Space Force’s director of staff, Nina Armagno, claimed that China had made substantial strides in the development of military space technology, particularly in fields like satellite communications and reusable spacecraft, which enable nations to build up their space programs quickly.

“I think it’s entirely possible they could catch up and surpass us, absolutely. The progress they’ve made has been stunning, stunningly fast,” Armagno made his remarks during a gathering in Sydney organized by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a think tank with funding from both the Australian and American governments.

Beijing has made substantial advancements recently that have frightened Washington and other Western nations. Beijing has always lagged in a space race dominated by the United States and Russia.

Ye Peijian, the director of China’s lunar exploration program, has compared the moon and Mars to disputed islands Beijing is attempting to claim in the South China Sea.

China is also working on experimental technology to mine the natural resources from asteroids and small planets.

Armagno noted that China, along with Russia, has recently performed rash missile tests that have produced hazardous levels of space debris.

The Space Force, the fourth branch of the American armed forces, was established in 2019 in part as a response to China’s expanding capabilities. Armagno is the organization’s first permanent commander. On Tuesday, it will launch three astronauts to its brand-new space station.




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