China Ready to Cash In with Monkeypox Test Kits and Vaxxs

Following the Covid epidemic, Chinese corporations are already planning to profit from monkeypox by creating diagnostic kits and vaccinations.

Several laboratories have begun developing nucleic acid test kits for the virus, which has over 200 confirmed cases throughout the world.

Although no cases have been reported in China, researchers believe a vaccine might be created within a year.

Several Chinese test kit manufacturers said on Monday that they have created nucleic acid test kits for monkeypox that can be mass produced and sold domestically provided the government approves them.

Meanwhile, specialists claim that building a vaccination against monkeypox poses no technological challenges, and that a speedy special evaluation by China’s drug administration may assist the country manufacture the vaccine in about a year.

Sinovac’s Covid vaccination boosted sales by more than 160 percent in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period the previous year.

The company generated £9 billion in sales in the first half of last year, up from £50 million the year before, demonstrating the massive financial advantages that can be gained from a pandemic.

After the Communist leadership was accused of leaking and concealing up Covid, conspiracy theories are already circulating on Chinese social media that the US is purposely spreading monkeypox.

Since the first patient was diagnosed in the UK on May 6, at least 221 monkeypox cases have been verified throughout the world, with the majority of infections occurring among homosexual and bisexual males.

The UAE, Czech Republic, and Slovenia are the most recent nations to report illnesses.

Because the two viruses are so similar, the Imvanex shot, developed by Danish company Bavarian Nordic to treat smallpox, is up to 85% effective in treating monkeypox.

Smallpox antivirals and treatments are also effective against monkeypox.

The present worldwide pandemic, according to Dr Romulus Breban of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, is “waiting to happen” due to the world’s “almost zero” immunity level.




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