Climate Activists Demand Biden Declare Climate Emergency

During the Congressional Baseball Game, climate activists demonstrated outside Nationals Park and demanded that President Biden issue a climate emergency declaration and that Sen. Joe Manchin’s reconciliation measure will be more forceful.

An hour before Thursday’s game, climate activists gathered outside the baseball stadium. Protesters marched into Nationals Park after yelling and dancing, blocking spectators’ access to the gate before three were detained for unauthorized entry.

“Every single species, every single human being, every single living thing on the planet is in danger if we don’t act on climate now. Congress needs to pass climate legislation, and Biden needs to declare a climate emergency yesterday,” Leana, a climate protester, said.

“We’re all in jeopardy of going extinct. It’s going to be a catastrophe. Billions of people are going to suffer, and Congress and the president have done next to nothing, even with this bill that they just announced,” a climate activist, Paul, said.

A deal on a reconciliation plan was revealed by Manchin on Wednesday. That deal will be invested in a $369 billion on climate change projects while earning $739 billion through increased business taxes and stronger IRS enforcement. According to Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the proposals will cut carbon pollution by almost 40% by 2030.

The protesters, though, were extremely unsatisfied.

One demonstrator remarked, “It’s a good start, but we really need more, better legislation to really protect indigenous and BIPOC communities,”

“Manchin’s deal is not enough. No more fossil fuels.” the protesters yelled at them.




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