Comedian Makes Million-Dollar Offer to Supreme Court Justice

Republican Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas has been approached by comedian and “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver, who has offered to pay him $1 million per year and provide him with a $2 million tour bus in exchange for his resignation. While holding up a contract stating it would last until one of them died, Oliver asserted that the offer was only good for 30 days.

The comedian, who was born in Britain, slammed Thomas for eliminating women’s rights and concentrating on cases from January 6. A “break” and some new wheels might be in order for the judge, according to Oliver. According to the host, he sought advice from attorneys who confirmed that the arrangement would be upheld by the high court’s ethical framework. Oliver was very clear that he, and not HBO, would be the one to pay Thomas.

Among the Republican-majority Supreme Court justices, Thomas has served the longest. A justice of the Supreme Court receives $298,500 per year in compensation. The judge is under fire for allegedly hiding the fact that he and his family received expensive holidays and real estate from influential political donors. Thomas bought a fancy motorcoach with a loan he got after griping about the salary increases for Supreme Court judges. In light of these new details, the judge is facing accusations of bias over his stance on the removal of former president Donald Trump’s name from ballots in the run-up to the 2024 election and his support for the decision to end abortion rights.

Thomas has long been accused by attorney Anita Hill of sexually harassing her during her time as a supervisor at the US Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Hill stated that the judge had discussed pornographic films with rape scenes with her, which led to her forced resignation from her position. Thomas allegedly boasted about his body and alleged sexual skills, according to her as well.

Now is an excellent opportunity to discover who Thomas’s true friends are, Oliver assured him, and his billionaire buddies would not desert him if he took the offer. In response to allegations that he lives lavishly, the judge has stated that he is exempt from reporting his travel and gifts since he has received personal hospitality from friends and family.




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