Conservatives Win Big, Brandon in Trouble after Court’s Big Tech Ruling

A federal judge ordered the Biden administration to turn over records detailing conversations between the two organizations as part of the investigation into government cooperation with Big Tech and social media firms to sway political narratives and improperly impact public perceptions.

It builds on the enthusiasm Elon Musk garnered with the publication of his Twitter Files and is the most recent action that Americans who value their freedom, hope would shine more light on the corrupt nexus between the public and purportedly private sector.

In a complaint alleging collaboration to censor free expression, a court ordered President Joe Biden, officials of his administration, and a few social media corporations to turn over papers and respond to inquiries within the following 30 days.

In a lawsuit filed in May, the state attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri claimed that Biden, eight high-ranking officials in his administration, and the federal government had conspired with and/or pressured the social media companies Meta, Twitter, and YouTube to censor unfavorable speakers, opinions, and content on those platforms.

Judge Terry Doughty of the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana determined that there is sufficient justification for the discovery procedure and established a timeline with precise dates for taking depositions.

According to Conservative Brief, the decision resulted from multiple social media platforms categorizing postings and other content as misleading not just at their own discretion but also in accordance with federal guidelines.

In a letter to many of the CEOs of the largest tech companies, including Amazon, Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, whose name was put forward by members of the House’s Freedom Caucus to contest RINO Kevin McCarthy for the Speakership, accused them of acting as the “woke speech police” for leftist Democrats.

As part of their investigation into “the Biden administration’s collusion with Big Tech to censor, silence, or reduce the reach of certain information and viewpoints,” Jordan demanded that these businesses also turn over records relating to their improper communications with officials dating back to January 2020.




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