DC Police Defend Abortion Thugs Who Viciously Attack Pro-Life Activists

The Metropolitan Police of Washington, DC, do not appear to be taking action against the abortion thugs who attacked pro-life protesters over the weekend.

Brazen Attack in Broad Daylight

According to the Tampa Free Press, on Saturday, violent leftist criminals targeted peaceful pro-life protesters in the nation’s capital.

A man and a woman attacked a demonstrator from the Progressive Anti-Abortion Union (PAAU) outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

The group’s founder, Terrisa Bukovinac, was assaulted by a man with a blue-orange shirt, and she tweeted a video of the incident.

At the same moment, the woman in the white shirt was shouting, shoving, and cursing at the pro-life demonstrators.

Two “clinic escorts” are depicted in the film attempting to quell the violence among the group’s supporters against this background.

Violence Against Pro-Life Americans Goes Unpunished

Since June of 2022, the number of attacks against honest citizens who stand up for the most vulnerable among us—unborn children—has increased dramatically. In this landmark decision, the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade and returned abortion policymaking to the individual states.

According to a tweet from Bukovinac, the DC Metropolitan Police Department has decided not to press charges against the two suspects in the incident.

While the reasons why police in the nation’s capital sided with what appear to be criminals were not given, they were not hard to imagine.

Democratically controlled jurisdictions across the country are getting soft on crime. Terrorizing law-abiding Americans into submission is also part of the same aim.

There has been a wave of open hostility against pro-life organizations. While this has been going on, democratic communities’ authorities have been incredibly careless with their welfare.

In order to find out who was responsible for a firebombing at their facility, a crisis pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York, had to hire private investigators. Whether or not Republican action could do more to punish politicians who protect leftist thugs accountable is unclear.




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