Dem Rep. Linked To Chinese Communist Party! Multiple Ties Unearthed!

Democrats with connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are at it again. Rep. Judy Chu of California is now associated with the International Federation of Chambers of Commerce, which is connected to the US-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (UCCC) and, consequently, CCP bureaus, after previously being discovered to be affiliated with two other nonprofits with alleged ties to Chinese intelligence. Since 2014, at least six of these organisations’ leaders have collaborated with the CCP. On the UCCC website, Chu is currently listed as co-chair.

Chu has previously been mentioned in the media for assuming honorary posts in two other California-based organizations with ties to the CCP: the All America Chinese Youth Federation and Forums for Peaceful Reunification of China. She, though, has denied participating in either. Chu joined other House Democrats in blaming anti-Asian bigotry for the media attention that the claims have received.

UCCC and its allied organizations have collaborated with CCP bureaus and Chinese government organizations in what have been called influence operations. The non-profit has a vast global network aimed at assisting Chinese firms in breaking into the US market. 

The State Department will close the Chinese Consulate in Houston in July 2020, as reported in the article, which also discusses how CCP embassies and consulates have come under scrutiny for aiding espionage efforts.

Experts have voiced worry over the CCP’s systematic development of “chambers of commerce,” like the UCCC, to advance China’s policy goals secretly, include groups into the CCP’s overall political and surveillance system, and serve as legal fronts for the CCP’s elite capture. Both Chu and the UCCC have been silent in regards to this.

It is unclear whether Democrats’ connections to the CCP will have an impact on ongoing foreign relations, as these relationships have once again come under examination.




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