Democrat Rhode Island State Senator Arrested for Keying SUV

Authorities have reported the arrest of a Democratic state senator from Rhode Island for supposedly damaging a car that displayed a bumper sticker stating “Biden Sucks.” The senator, Joshua Miller, aged 69, has been charged with vandalism and malicious injury to property. The incident took place on Thursday night in a shopping center parking lot, where Miller allegedly scratched a Nissan Pathfinder parked next to his own pickup truck. The owner and passenger of the Nissan heard a loud scratching sound and subsequently discovered a mark on their vehicle. When the passenger confronted Miller about his involvement, the senator categorically denied any responsibility, as per the statements provided by the Cranston police.

Upon observing the vehicle adjacent to his own, the victim noticed a bumper sticker endorsing the re-election of Senator Josh Miller. Intrigued by this discovery, he decided to research the name further.

“He then looked up Senator Josh Miller on the internet on his cell phone, which returned a photo of him. He immediately recognized the subject in the photo as the person he suspected of keying his vehicle,” according to a press release issued by the police.

Law enforcement was summoned to the site and, following a few hours, managed to locate Miller in the parking lot as he made his way back to his vehicle. Based on police body camera footage obtained by Fox News Digital, Miller informed the officers that he perceived the passenger who confronted him as one of the individuals who strongly supports gun rights and regularly follows him at the statehouse. 

Furthermore, he expressed his belief that the individuals in the car recognized him as a state senator. In his initial interview with the police, as shown in the footage, Miller adamantly denied any involvement in the act of keying the car.

After officers examined surveillance footage from the parking lot, which corroborated the victims’ account of the incident, Miller was permitted to depart from the scene, as stated by the Cranston police. A photograph of the defaced vehicle was released, displaying a “Biden Sucks” bumper sticker positioned on the upper right side of the car. Later that day, when officers arrived at Miller’s residence, he acknowledged his involvement in damaging the vehicle, as confirmed by both the police and the body camera footage obtained by Fox News.




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