Democratic Congresswoman Makes Humiliating Mistake

Houston mayoral candidate and Democratic state representative Sheila Jackson Lee made a huge gaffe on December 4 when she released an ad in which she asked people to vote on the wrong day. Despite the fact that the election is scheduled for December 9, her poster advised voters to visit the polls “on or before” December 7.

Jackson Lee is vying for the chance to succeed Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner in the upcoming runoff election. Numerous emails and SMS messages were received by her campaign, according to Mediaite, which confirmed that her ad was aired on Houston’s TV markets.

The liberal legislator boasts about her time on both the local council and the House of Representatives in the campaign commercial. She claimed to be the most qualified person to succeed Turner because she has dedicated her life to serving the Houston community and has worked tirelessly to protect Houston youth “from guns.” In addition, Jackson Lee stated that she has worked tirelessly in both the city council and Congress to secure funding for small companies and schools and to safeguard women’s reproductive freedom.

She ran for mayor of Houston, Texas, because she is the “champion” the community “needs” to reduce crime, increase employment opportunities, and improve transportation. At the end of the film, there’s a large graphic that shows the wrong date of the election.

Jackson Lee faces off against Democratic Senator John Whitmire of Texas, who reportedly gained an early lead, in an election that began with seventeen contenders. The two leftist contenders, according to the AP, have been stressing infrastructure, crime, and possible financial deficits in Houston.

Jackson has been in office since 1995 and represents the 18th District of Texas. She made her intention to run for mayor of Houston public in March, saying that after over three decades of service to the city, she feels she is qualified for the job.

Aside from the date error, her campaign had already been the target of criticism and controversy following the October release of a recording in which she was heard delivering an angry tirade on an employee. The audio file was forwarded by an unidentified email address.




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