Democratic Mayor Under Fire for Racism

It is often believed by Democrats that their party welcomes individuals of all genders, races, and ethnicities. Ironically, the party’s officials—including Boston’s mayor—have been the target of racist accusations time and time again.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D), the city’s first Asian American leader, recently directed her aide, Denise DosSantos, to send out invitations to a holiday party she was hosting for city council members. But there was a problem: she only wanted people of color at her party.

Wu reportedly extended an email invitation to the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” to the council members and a guest, as reported by the Boston Herald. Someone inadvertently forwarded the message to every single city councilor. Seven white people were left out of the gathering, as DosSantos explained fifteen minutes after the initial email was sent.

The assistant expressed her desire to apologise for forwarding them to all parties involved. Even her sincere apologies for any offenses she may have caused were ultimately insufficient. The mayor’s choice was “unfortunate and divisive,” according to Frank Baker, an outgoing councilor.

Wu, the mayor, justified throwing a party for the council members from the minority party. According to her, this is an annual event, and she was honored to be the host this year. She continued by saying that “other parties that everyone is invited to.” After that In order to “thank everyone and celebrate for the holidays,” she is planning to throw another gathering in December that includes members of the state legislature, the entire municipal council, and all of their elected officials, among others.

Accusations of white supremacist bias against Democratic mayors are nothing new. In honor of the second anniversary of her inauguration, then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) of Chicago announced in 2021 that she would be granting one-on-one interviews to journalists. Because she felt the city’s press corps was overly white, she informed the press that she would only grant interviews to journalists of color.

Many people, including journalists, were very upset by Lightfoot’s choice. Upon her reelection two years later, she suffered a crushing loss.




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