DeSantis Board Planning To Fight Back Against Disney

Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been engaged in a power struggle for several months over the control of Disney’s four world-famous theme parks in Florida. Previously, Disney had a self-governance agreement with the state, but after the former CEO criticized DeSantis’ signing of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” the Governor has been trying to take away Disney’s authority. 

The situation has escalated into a legal battle, with Disney filing a federal lawsuit against DeSantis in April, accusing him of retaliation. However, a DeSantis-appointed board overseeing Walt Disney World has voted to counter-sue. The board’s chairman, Martin Garcia, said they had no choice but to respond.

As per a CNBC report, Garcia thinks that Disney is attempting to revert to its almost entirely self-governed state of 1967, but he stressed that the city’s outdated design is not suitable for the present times. Conversely, DeSantis and his board aim to ensure that no enterprise operating in Florida enjoys exclusive privileges that others don’t.

The legal dispute between DeSantis and Disney has received criticism from individuals across the political spectrum, including Republican presidential candidates. As DeSantis is expected to announce his candidacy soon, many people are curious to see how he handles this ongoing conflict with Disney, which he regards as a “woke” corporation. This will give Americans insight into how he might govern the nation if elected president.




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