DeSantis Makes a Crazy Promise

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, has faced challenges in gaining momentum in the presidential primaries due to strong backing from former President Donald Trump’s loyal supporters. In an effort to connect with the MAGA (Make America Great Again) audience, DeSantis is now pledging to confront the Deep State. Despite using assertive rhetoric, such as expressing readiness to take drastic actions, it remains uncertain if this approach is resonating with as many Americans as he anticipated.

During a barbecue gathering in New Hampshire, DeSantis confidently communicated to the attendees that addressing the Deep State issue was a primary focus for him. This event, hosted by former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown on August 30, preceded DeSantis’ assertive “Never Back Down” bus tour in Iowa. DeSantis reassured the New Hampshire audience of his resolute stance against the numerous liberal elites holding positions in the government. He also emphasized that he would initiate strong actions against this perceived issue from the very start of his term as President.

As the presidential campaign unfolds, DeSantis’ speeches are increasingly featuring aggressive language. About a month prior, the aspiring candidate employed comparable rhetoric when he voiced dissatisfaction with recent appointments in the Department of Defense. The Independent highlights that DeSantis’ strategy for tackling Mexican cartels at the border would be even more audacious — he proposes to immediately eliminate them by using lethal force as they endeavor to cross into the country.

DeSantis’ choice of words has undoubtedly ensured his continued presence in news headlines. However, The Independent implies that this heightened attention might not yield favorable outcomes. The Washington Post reports that members from the National Treasury Employees Union and the American Federation of Government Employees are deeply angered by his remarks. They express concern that the violent language, including the throat-slitting reference, could have repercussions for a large number of government employees. These groups criticize the Florida governor for using language they consider inappropriate and perilous.

The presidential campaign trail remains challenging for DeSantis, as recent surveys conducted by The New York Times and Sienna Poll indicate a substantial 37-point lead for Trump over DeSantis.




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