Driver PLOWS Car Into Man – Hate Crime!

In what the victim’s family claims was a racially motivated attack, a Massachusetts motorist smashed his car into an Asian guy and allegedly drove about 200 yards with him on the hood.

Driver John Sullivan, 77, lost his cool and yelled “go back to China” after being approached by the victim for driving too quickly when children were around.

Just before 11 am, the victim was standing outside the Quincy post office with his sister and her three kids. When they saw Sullivan speeding down the street on Friday morning.

Sullivan launched into a racial rant after the victim remarked on his erratic driving.

Before Sullivan emerged and climbed into his car, Thien and her brother remained in front of it and gathered his information.

“He rammed into my brother. My brother rolled onto the hood and he clung onto the hood. He went for about a good 200 yards, then he brakes so my brother fell off. When my brother was trying to balance, he hit my brother again, continuing his racial slurs,” Thien stated.

According to Quincy police, at a construction site, Thien’s brother was thrown into a 10 to 15-foot ditch. Sullivan ran from the area.

A witness tracked Sullivan and gave police updates on his whereabouts; they subsequently forwarded this information to the police in neighboring Braintree, where Sullivan was ultimately detained.

Sullivan is accused of two charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, careless driving, fleeing the scene of an accident involving personal harm, and violating civil rights.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office reports that at his arraignment on Friday in Quincy District Court, he entered a not guilty plea to the charges.

He is being held without bond pending a Wednesday hearing on his dangerousness.




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