Elon Triggers the Left – Most Evil Twitter Move Yet

The left’s outrage over Elon Musk seizing control of Twitter and making many changes has been funny to see.

Making the business a more profitable and effective place to work is among the things Musk appears determined to accomplish. With the previous owners, people could work remotely if they wanted to, they have meditation rooms, yoga studios, complimentary food, and red wine on tap for those who came in. The headquarters was more like a spa than a place of business.

Mr. Musk insisted on a payroll audit before awarding the bonuses to ensure that Twitter’s employees were actual people. He expressed worry that Twitter’s systems still contained “ghost employees” who weren’t eligible for the compensation.

Robert Kaiden, Twitter’s chief financial officer, was chosen by Mr. Musk to lead the audit. According to three persons and an internal memo reviewed by The Times, Mr. Kaiden requested managers to confirm that they knew certain employees and could attest to the fact that they were human.

Additionally, out of the 7500 employees, 50% of them have been cut by Musk. Those who were left had to go to work.

He went on to say that they would have to put in a lot of effort to keep the business going.

“Those who are able to go hard core and play to win, Twitter is a good place. And those who are not, totally understand, but then Twitter is not for you.”

The left thinks Musk is the embodiment of evil and is currently starving his employees.

But as he strives to enter the town square, Musk’s actions already seem to have generated increased user growth on the site, suggesting that it may already be profitable.




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