Environmentalists Push Extreme Measures Amid Global Energy Crisis

Even in the midst of a worldwide energy crisis, environmental groups have persisted in supporting and opposing radical measures to address climate change.

A number of groups, such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Sunrise Movement, and the League of Conservation Voters, have intensified their efforts to promote the Green New Deal, divest from fossil fuel projects, and outlaw the development of oil and gas. However, due in major part to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, high energy costs and fuel supply shortages are endangering the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

The average cost of gasoline and diesel fuel in the US reached record highs last month, and rising natural gas prices are predicted to raise the cost of power this summer. As a result of Russia’s dominance over the continent’s natural gas supply, European nations have been compelled to rely more on coal.

The fossil fuel business, Republican politicians, and some Democrats have all received calls for more domestic oil and gas production as a result of the price and supply volatility.

However, the Sierra Club has persisted in pushing for the abolition of coal power and the suppression of oil and gas project development. Additionally, it has suggested that the federal government should stop leasing public lands to oil firms and that banks should stop investing in fossil fuel projects.

Similar claims have been made by Greenpeace in the US and other countries, calling for immediate restrictions on the use of fossil fuels as well as divestment.

The Green New Deal, a climate change initiative supported by progressives in the House and Senate, would cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars over the course of a decade, according to the American Action Forum. The Sunrise Movement, however, has persisted in pressuring politicians to enact it.

In response to the Ukraine crisis, the environmental movement stepped up its advocacy for the legislation and released the “Green New Deal pledge” for legislators to sign.

In a letter from May, Cuellar and three other House Democrats requested that President Joe Biden increase oil output. Additionally, the Texas legislator signed a letter last week requesting that the president continue to permit oil exports.




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