Ex-Intelligence Official Blames Biden for Iran Attacks

US defense contractor Nawres Waleed Hamid was assassinated in December 2019 while working in Iraq by a paramilitary organization with Iranian support. Days later, then-President Donald Trump gave the US military the order to kill Qasem Soleimani of the Iranian Quds Force.

This display of force let Iran know that the US will stand up for its citizens and, if necessary, use force to retaliate. John Ratcliffe, a former director of national intelligence who was also a Texas representative in the House, recently told Fox News anchor Trey Gowdy that the current administration’s lackadaisical approach is encouraging other countries, including Iran, to strengthen their positions.

Ratcliffe made an appearance on “Sunday Night in America” on March 26 to talk on the improving ties between China and Russia. Ratcliffe stressed throughout the meeting that the public discussions between the two presidents of the two countries are “more than rhetoric,” and that it is obvious that Xi Jinping of China and Putin of Russia are attempting to establish a “new world order.”

Ratcliffe underscored the two emerging nations’ altered treatment of the United States, emphasizing their growing disdain for the country. For instance, Saudi Arabia chose to make a deal with Iran that was arranged by the Chinese rather than sign the Abraham Accords. Corresponding to this, Ratcliffe claims that India has increased its “trade with Russia by 300% since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

The former Director of National Intelligence focused on how China and Russia are urging the rest of the world to “bet on them” rather than support the US going ahead. He said that the adversarial leaders “saw weakness” in President Biden when he ordered the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Russia, China, and Iran.

Ratcliffe contrasted Biden’s ineffective tactics, which have allowed these countries to become more assertive, with Trump’s firm posture on foreign relations. He discussed how there was a “precipitous drop” in hostile assaults following Trump’s removal of Soleimani up to Biden’s election. If POTUS does not put up a strong front soon, it is probable that these countries will gain power and increase government control.




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