Expert Claims Evidence Against Biden Is ‘Impeachable’

The United States is currently witnessing a cold “cultural” war, marked by a prolonged conflict over the past few years and, in fact, a significant portion of the last decade. Moderates, conservatives, and far-left progressives have been in intense disagreement, striving to shape the contemporary identity of the nation. In reality, over the years, the Democratic party and its political associates have progressively shifted towards the far left of the political spectrum, aiming to redefine American culture and identity comprehensively.

As an illustration, progressives have advocated for the elimination of historical monuments and statues they consider “offensive” or “racist” for an extended period. Initially, the focus of much of the “outrage” was on Confederate generals, but in recent years, no figure from American history has been exempt. Even the statue of Teddy Roosevelt was taken down from the facade of the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

A cause for significant concern is the persistent efforts by progressives to advocate for the widespread adoption of radical transgender ideological policies. In numerous states, there has been a push to permit young men who “identify” as women to engage in girls’ sports, achieving unprecedented records, and even utilize female locker room facilities, posing a potential threat to the health and well-being of women.

In New Jersey, a public school policy has been implemented that prohibits schools from informing parents about a child’s choice to “identify” with a different name or gender. Additionally, the state has introduced LGBTQ education curriculums with sexualized content for children as young as kindergarten age. 

Recently, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland shared a video on Twitter featuring a transgender “Drag queen.” This highlights a notable trend where high-ranking federal officials are openly endorsing contentious and potentially harmful ideologies, aiming to portray them as conventional.

It is not just Biden’s absurdly high levels of radical “wokeness” that Americans should be concerned about. Jonathan Turley, a Fox News commentator, has asserted that there is substantial and widespread evidence linking Biden to his son Hunter’s alleged unethical business practices, which might lead to Biden’s impeachment.




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